A Collection Of
My Skills

Here you will see the different areas of graphic design I have learnt over the last 5 years. The industry is changing quickly and I’m always exploring new tools and ideas to add to my growing list of skills. I enjoy learning as well as helping others learn, it means we all have a brighter future.

Print & Packaging

I have nearly 5 years experience in this field. From my first job at Brandpoint to my current role at SuperCheap Auto, this is an area I'm extremely familiar with. Print isn't dead yet....


I have worked closely with the digital team in all organisations I have been a part of. It's a new area for me and I hope to continue to develop this skill by learning CSS and html.

Animation & Video

As part of a being a graphic designer, we are required to bring our designs to life with animation. Being handy with a camera has it's perks too, videography is another skill I'm developing.


More Work

5 years doesn’t seem like much but it feels like a lot when I stop and think about what I have learnt. Graphic design has become more than just a print based skill, one only has to look at job descriptions on Seek to prove that. 

I hope that I have shown enough evidence that I am a keen learner and invest heavily in my education. I know I can be a valuable employee and I look foward to my next opportunity. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work.


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